AIBC’S 2019 Co-Chairs Kimberley Chan and Varshu Karumuri are so excited to announce that recruitment has started for the Organizing Committee! They are ready to get an amazing team together to begin planning for the competition’s fourth year in Jasper.

Deadline: January 25th at 11:59PM

We are recruiting for the following positions:

Vice President Marketing

Preferred assets: Photography and Website Design

Marketing is a huge aspect of AIBC! The VP Marketing is expected to have a role in updating and maintaining our website and email signatures. Leading up to and during the competition, the VP Marketing must be in charge of Organizing Committee photos, Team Ambassador photos and create a strict timeline to adhere to posting on social media for our sponsors. They are also expected to take photos throughout the week. After the competition, the VP Marketing is expected to update our website with new standings and photos.

Vice President Academic

Preferred assets: Case experience

The VP Academic is an extremely important role in the competition. Responsible for writing a five hour and thirty hour case, this position needs a lot of practice and experience in case competitions. The responsibilities include reviewing previous cases, reaching out to potential case sponsors and communicating with sponsors. The VP Academic must also create and edit a rule book for the competition and relay the book to delegates.

Vice President Logistics

Preferred assets: Strong organizational and problem solving skills

A crucial part of the competition, the VP Logistics is responsible for creating the schedules to be followed throughout the week. They are responsible for creating individual organizing committee schedules, individual team ambassador schedules and delegate schedules. The VP Logistics role also includes following through with the scheduling and ensuring that case rooms are prepped and ready for competition. Not only are they a relevant role in scheduling and the competition, they also communicate with sponsors to help with transportation to and from places and some meals.

Vice President Delegate Relations

Preferred assets: Strong communication skills

In charge of connecting the committee to our delegates, the role of VP Delegate Relations is a key role. The VP Delegate Relations is in charge of interviewing and selecting our team ambassadors for the week and training them. They are also in charge of emailing and keeping up to date with all the delegates coming to AIBC. During the week they are expected to help our delegates feel comfortable and help with any issues. The VP Delegate Relations should also help to hype up the competition and get delegates excited for AIBC.

Vice President Corporate Relations

Preferred assets: Strong communication skills

To create lasting relationships with our sponsors the VP Corporate Relations role is essential. They are in charge of helping to find our case sponsors as well as look for sponsors for events or for swag bags and talking to sponsors the week of and leading up to it.. Finding case judges is also an important role of the VP Corporate Relations.

Vice President Events

Preferred assets:  Strong organizational skills and flexibility

In order to have a fun and fulfilling competition the VP Events is a vital part of the committee. Responsible for planning most meals and entertainment, the VP Events must help the team create an experience for delegates. The VP Events is also in charge of planning and executing a themed gala at the end of the week.

Vice President Finance

Preferred assets: Strong organizational skills

The VP Finance is in charge of creating the budget and allocating each portfolio with their own budget. In order to keep the competition going it is important to have a VP Finance to keep track of spending as well as give out reimbursements. The VP Finance is also expected to help out other portfolios when their workload is light.