2019 Director Recruitment

As incoming Co-Chairs we are very excited for this upcoming year and to host such an amazing event. We are currently looking for applicants to fill our Director positions. Directors will work alongside the VP as a team in all the portfolios tasks. Applications will close on February 27th at Midnight.

- Kimberley Chan & Varshu Karumuri

Role Descriptions

Logistics Director

Logistics Director covers all of the planning of the back end of the competition, the behind the scene potion of the competition. As Logistics Director you will be responsible for working with the Academic portfolio and Events portfolio to create a schedule for the week, including specific breakdown of individual team and executive members. You will also be responsible for transportation while at the competition for all members of the competition. Two big aspects of Logistics Director is that they help assist the VP with food during competition days, and in charge of technology used before and at the competition. Technology includes: setting up registration for teams, TAs and executive members; projects for presentations at competition, printing during competition, filming of presentation, events requirement such as audio and visual for gala, etc. Logistics Director is one of the most time demanding roles right before the competition and during the competition, but due to its integrated position you will work closely with all other portfolios and be in charge of the overall experience of competing teams. Although this role is hard it is also very rewarding and has many opportunities for personal development.

Delegate Relations Director

As Delegate Relations Director, you will have to help organize invitations with the AIBC Faculty Advisor, he takes a lead on what schools to invite. You will follow up with Faculty Advisor for official invitations and invoices. Ensure Faculty Advisors and delegates or competing schools are prepared with all the information they may need before the competition. You are responsible for assisting them with any travel plans and visas if requested. Create and manage deadlines for the AIBC team and delegates for deliverables you may need eg. delegate payments, booking code deadlines, events prep, registration. Help recruit, train and managing Team ambassadors before and during the competition. Ensure delegates, Faculty Advisor and Team Ambassadors are communicated to during the week of AIBC and understand the schedule. Some key skills are communicating with the AIBC team to ensure you are passing along all the right information to the Faculty Advisors. Utilize your team to confirm answers to questions you may be asked. Another skill would be the ability to be timely and professional.  You are one of the first impressions of the competition so you want to ensure you are giving a positive impression. You will typically need to reply to emails within an hour of receiving them. 24 hours is an absolute max.

Corporate Relations Director

As Corporate Relations Director, you are responsible for helping create and maintain relationships with external stakeholders to the Alberta International Business Competition. You are responsible for helping secure the funding of the competition and getting corporates engaged with the delegates during the week. This includes corresponding with current corporate sponsors and negotiating contracts with companies about what the partnership between their party and AIBC will look like.

Academic Director

As Academic Director, you are responsible for helping write both the 30 hour and the 5 hour cases, revising the case rulebook and rubric as appropriate for the cases. You also have to secure and train all of the judges for the competition. They have to work closely with the logistics portfolio to plan and create a schedule for the resolution and presentation times, as well as work with the Corporate Relations portfolio to create proposals and meet with case sponsors.